Recommended reading that won't sooth your CO2nscience

Half Gone by Jeremy Leggett Half Gone by Jeremy Leggett is a serious book and should be a compulsory read for everyone on the planet. If only half of the book is true, civilisation is probably doomed.

Leggett is pessimistic about the discovery of new oil fields of any significant size and notes that the peak year for oil discovery was back in 1965! He's also pessimistic about the successful extraction of oil from unconventional sources like tar sands and shale. Extracting oil from these sources is expensive. Net yields are low because the extraction process consumes so much energy.

Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air by David MacKay Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air by David MacKay looks at all types of energy generation, conversion and storage solutions that are available. Published in December 2008 it's available in paperback or hardback and also free in PDF at

David Mackay has put together all the facts that you can't find easily anywhere else. It's humorous and concise and deserves to be read by anyone involved in climate change - and that's everyone. You can also find me in the acknowledgements!

Very sadly, David MacKay died in April 2016.

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