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What is REXX?

REXX is a computer programming language that's easy to learn and use because it was designed for humans and not computers.

REXX is an acronym for REstructured eXtended eXecutor and it is IBM's SAA system product interpreter. In many respects it is very like PL/I but includes some sophisticated facilities. REXX does not have the input/output capability of PL/I but it is not intended to replace PL/I as a programming language. IBM's adoption of REXX as an SAA product means that REXX will be, and in fact already is, being migrated to other IBM platforms and applications such as TSO (MVS equivalent of CMS), NetView (for CLISTs) and OS/2. There are even plans to migrate REXX to VAX/VMS whose existing facilities for command procedures can only best be described as poor.

REXX is interpreted like most other command languages but unlike its mainframe predecessors, EXEC and EXEC2, it is loaded into virtual storage before execution rather than being read and executed line by line from disk. In addition, a REXX compiler is available for creating object code from a REXX source file.

For a comprehensive list of REXX documentation, please visit www.rexxinfo.org