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Like any other company, Mather and Platt ran many advertisements for its products and each was in a style of times.

Root's Patent Pump - targetted at brewers, bleachers, printers, dyers, peper manufacturers, etc.
Beetling Machine - beetling is a process in which round-thread linen or cotton fabric is pounded to give a flat effect. Beetled linen damask has an increased lustre and a leather-like texture. Beetling is also used to give a thready or linen-like appearance to cotton.
1953 Grovesend Grader - a general purpose food grader for sorting fruit and vegetables such as plums, carrots, parsnips, gooseberries, small beets, apples and pears, etc.
1929 Sprinkler
1931 Sprinkler
1931 Sprinkler
Ship Electrolyser - designed for use on board hospital ships to produce sodium hyprochlorite from sea water for cleaning and santitation purposes. It was claimed that several gallons could be produced in a few minutes at 1/6d per gallon.
1919 Mine Drainage - another application for M&P pumps was for removing the continuous seeping of water from mines and collieries. High lift multi-stage ring-section pumps would be used; these would be of simple and robust design to withstand the rough service that could be expected underground.