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Miscellaneous Products

Mather and Platt was well known for its range of pumps, motors, fire engineering, textile and food products, but there were a number of other niche products too.

Rolling Shutter DoorsThese were a spin-off from the fire engineering products. Rolling shutter doors were manufactured at Park Works in an area at the back of the factory that bordered Ten Acres Lane.
Cast Iron TanksAnother spin-off from the fire engineering products was the range of cast iron tanks. The range was a complete set of machined and drilled components in standard sizes that could be assembled on site and fitted into existing buildings if necessary. The range comprised wall plates, base plates, corners and outlets that could be bolted together into any required shape or size. The tanks were frequently used for storing water for fire sprinkler systems but also used for general water storage in offices, department stores and breweries.
Thermolier HeatersThese were electric or steam heated space heaters and typically installed in factories, garages and industrial units. These were, not surprisingly, used at Park Works and maintained the shopfloor at between 55F and 58F, this range being found the most appropriate temperature for manufacturing.
Water TreatmentMather and Platt produced water treatment equipment that filtered the water in a large rotating drum.

There is a series of brochures from the 1930s and 1940s here.