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Machine Tool Maintenance

I spent five weeks in the Machine Tool Maintenance department from 4th April to 15th April 1977 and then from 13th June to 1st July 1977. In my training record I scored "usefulness and interest to me" 9/10 and "usefulness and productivity to the company" 9/10.

The Machine Tool Maintenance department was responsible for every machine tool at Park Works. I worked on a number of faults including;

The department had a planned maintenance scheme where all repairs on a machine were recorded and where future planned maintenance was scheduled. There is also a reconditioning programme where machine are brought in, overhauled and repainted to try to prolong their working life.

Second Period

The department was familiar to me on my second period there and I was set to work straight away on fixing a variety of machine tools;

The Richards borer required a new electric clutch in its main gearbox. The gearbox had to be removed completely. A new clutch from Germany would have cost £2200 and so it was decided to repair the faulty one instead. This involved stripping the windings from the clutch (which had been potted in resin and definitely weren't meant to be removed) and then having it re-wound by the motor department.

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