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Electrical Maintenance

I spent two weeks in the Electrical Maintenance department from 23rd May to 12th June 1977. In my training record I scored "usefulness and interest to me" 10/10 and "usefulness and productivity to the company" 9/10.

The Electrical Maintenance department was responsible for all the installed electrical equipment at Park Works. The department also installs new equipment, undertakes bulb replacement in the factory and manages the Power House. Bulb changes occurred every two years and took about twelve weekends to complete. Portable handtools are overhauled and repaired if necessary on a six-week cycle.

I was involved in installing new wiring for jib cranes, ceiling fans in offices and dealing with day-to-day faults as they occurred. The M+P Queen's Silver Jubilee Gala was being held during my time in the department and I was involved in setting up the public address system for the day's festivities. During the Jubilee Week holiday I assisted in cleaning the DC conductors and insulators in the 'trench'.

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