This web site is an eclectic collection of information, opinions, experiences, musings and even personal recommendations covering topics such as energy, industry, photography, computer programming, etc.


We like the quirky, the oddly peculiar, the unusual, the unexpected, the perverse, things that are asymmetric, unbalanced, offset, irregular, patternless. We like the unintuitive: why things are done in certain ways; why things are done at all and the hidden reasons behind the why.

We also like re-using, recycling (to a degree), redesigning, adapting, modifying, improving and enhancing. John Timpson's Adaptables, now sadly out of print, is a book of buildings that have been adapted to a different use from that for which they were designed.

Finally, we like the straightforward, the simple, Occam's Razor, neatness, conciseness, and Plain English. We like using single words that describe something precisely, rather than a phrase that is always longer and often doesn't sit well in a sentence. However, there's a balance to be struck between the elegant simplicity of using a single word and ensuring that the reader doesn't have to toddle off to look it up in a dictionary (unless they have a Kindle). Using a precise word that is unfamiliar with readers can cause frustration and annoyance and so, when appropriate, we must revert to what's more acceptable. Have a look at what's happening with examination papers.


This site is designed to work with the current generation of browsers. They are all supposed to conform to web standards and they do to a greater or lesser degree - the thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from! Some older browsers might not be able to display every aspect of the design as it is intended to look, nor some of the special characters.


An asterism is a set of three stars in a trianguler shape. It is used rarely and near-obsolete but this site will resurrect it at the bottom of every page.

Some precise words

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