Love locks on a chain in Amsterdam

This section is called Odd Stuff. It comprises a growing collection of eclectic themes, the first being the popular practice of putting lovelocks on bridges, fences and chains at beauty spots and romantic locations. Like mussels on a rope, they cling to each other in a tangled and random mass. Notes on the padlocks are of the X loves Y variety, engraved hearts and messages in felt-tip pen or Tippex. Many cities now have this type of embellishment on their tourist attractions and potentially any static object to which a padlock can be fastened. Local councils are keen to have a purge every now and then, claiming that the lovelocks deface the monuments and architecture. This example is in Amsterdam but go to Rome, London, Paris and you'll find them everywhere. I recently travelled to New York and there are padlocks accumulating on the Brooklyn Bridge. The idea is to lock the padlock and throw away the key, joining you and your loved one for eternity!

Love locks on a Brooklyn Bridge


Exclamation mark

Has anyone calculated the bridge loading at the denser locations and whether this is within the bridge's loading limit?


Paris city officials must have visited this website! They have started to remove padlocks from the Pont des Arts. Nearly 1,000,000 locks, weighting 45 tonnes are being removed. More here. This is a nice little earner for the council: 45 tonnes in total, say 20 tonnes of brass at €3/kg scrap value is €60,000. Wow!