After over a year of deliberating, I finally chose the Canon 50D and I'm glad I did. It is a joy to use, though the number of settings and options is staggering and it can sometimes take a while - too long even - to get the right settings for the shot. However, you can still just switch it to Full Auto and it will do everything for you. The interval between pressing the shutter button and the camera taking the picture is very short.

The 50D has an alloy body - no cheap plastic. It also shoots at 6.3fps which I find useful. Interestingly, Live View, which I wanted because I had used it previously on my Canon IXUS 70, I hardly use at all. Battery life is excellent too - probably because I don't use Live View!

The 50D can also be used in remote control using the Canon software, a USB cable and Live View. This is useful if you want to take pictures of birds and need to keep a fair distance away. Just remember to cover the camera!